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Basic Configuration

The Basic Configuration for YOURLS-PV is identical to YOURLS.

See the GitHub Page.


Advanced YOURLS-PV Configuration

I will be adding easy to follow configuration Guides for each of the Advanced YOURLS-PV Configurations.  The rest of this page will contain links to these configuration Guides.


Note: Guides marked with an *asterisk are Under Construction and Coming Soon (I am working daily on these).

NEW YOURLS-PV Install – Starting from Scratch!

YOURLS-PV .HTACCESS CHEAT SHEET – All the YOURLS-PV .htaccess configurations in one location.

*Options for a directory YOURLS to replace a former directory (like /s/) install in MultiSite Mode.

*Giving YOURLS its own directory in MultiSite Mode (or single site too!). Something like /yourls/ (or any directory you want under the document rood).

*YOURLS MultiSite  (Run a hundred, or a billion, YOURLS on one install!).

*Rename the /admin/ directory easily.  You should have a working YOURLS-PV before renaming the /admin/ directory.

*Run WordPress and YOURLS together in the root directory.  Even Run YOURLS MultiSite and WordPress MultiSite together in one Root directory – with no problems.  Allow YOURLS to cohabit the root directory with WordPress, without reducing the common functionality of either one.


Note: The following Guides will take longer as my current platform is only HTTP and Apache.  I am hoping to be able to acquire a Linode server to load nginx and free HTTPS.

*Installing YOURLS-PV on nginx with HTTPS.  Configuring nginx with free Let’s Encrypt or Encryption Everywhere HTTPS.

*Running the YOURLS /admin/ in HTTPS  Redirection Server in HTTP and the Admin Server in HTTPS for security.  You can also run them both in HTTPS or in HTTP.


Thank You For Testing YOURLS-PV!

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