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Please help me test the YOURLS-PV Patch in MultiSite mode.   The YOURLS-PV (Pretty Valuable) Patch is a simple, tiny patch to the magnificent YOURLS project. Although only a small patch, it is a possible solution to some known YOURLS … Read More

YOURLS-PV .htaccess Cheat Sheet

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Welcome to the easy .htaccess guide for YOURLS-PV.  In YOURLS-PV, running on an Apache Server, the configuration settings are found in three or four places. httpd.conf or apache2.conf – you won’t usually have access to these on shared hosting. The … Read More


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Create and Load the YOURLS Directory Make a directory under the document root called /yourls/.  Load the files from the YOURLS-PV package in the /yourls/ directory. You may rename this /yourls/ directory to anything you like.  However, you must also … Read More


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YOURLS is a fantastic URL shortener. However, I have a wish list of things I wish YOURLS would do, like YOURLS MultiSite and giving YOURLS its own directory, like WordPress does. Speaking of WP, integration with a CMS like WordPress … Read More


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Basic Configuration The Basic Configuration for YOURLS-PV is identical to YOURLS. See the GitHub Page.   Advanced YOURLS-PV Configuration I will be adding easy to follow configuration Guides for each of the Advanced YOURLS-PV Configurations.  The rest of this page … Read More