YOURLS-PV Is a tiny patch to the excellent YOURLS program.  Just a small adjustments to the normal YOURLS code. These greatly expand the YOURLS features to allow:

  • MultiSite use of one instance of YOURLS.
  • Portability of files (Give YOURLS Its Own Directory – we recommend /yourls/ ).
  • Allow /admin/ to be renamed easily (portability issue).
  • Compatibility with WordPress (and other CMS) without complex setup, or restricting the basic coding of either program.
  • Fixes the YOURLS_SITE trailing slash errors.



YOURLS-PV is Not a major rewrite of the YOURLS code-base.  In fact, using standard YOURLS configuration (single site)  YOURLS-PV is functionally the same as YOURLS. YOURLS-PV only presents data in a slightly different way, to allow MultiSite, portability, and compatibility options:

YOURLS-PV is Not a lot of code hacks that dirty up the code.  We did this with just five defined constants in five of the 550+ YOURLS files.  One we reduced a bit, one we expanded a bit, three we added.  The rest of the changes were just plugging in these constants into the code at the right places.  This patch is just tiny “adjustments”.


Our Main Goal

Our main goal is to make one instance of YOURLS behave exactly like 5, 10 or 1,000 YOURLS installs, without substantial changes to the excellent YOURLS code.


Our Minor Goals

Our minor goals were to:

  • Give YOURLS its own directory. It’s very hard to do real MultiSite without this.
  • Be 100% backward compatible as a drop in Version for future upgrade to YOURLS.
  • Change the YOURLS program as little as possible.
  • Easily rename the /admin directory.
  • Allow YOURLS Simple and Easy Configuration.
  • Allow YOURLS to cohabit the root directory with WordPress, without reducing the common functionality of either one.


For More Information

Read our YOURLS Code Adjustments Page

Look at Our GitHub Page.

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